Overhauling A Kitchen, The Sturgis Way

Every year Sturgis City of Riders Magazine picks the top performers for bonuses and other gift hampers for the end of year celebrations. Typically, it entails some sort of unexpected gift and this year we decided to surprise everyone with something that everyone loves and hopes to get for their homes but seldom does since justifying the cost to benefits analysis is often a lopsided affair.

This year, we were giving out Delta and Kohler kitchen faucets – one for each winner. We weren’t giving out gift vouchers but rather entire kitchen faucet sets provided here. This meant the whole shebang from detachable sprayer to the typical long necked faucet and more. Walking into a kitchen and toilet fittings showroom makes all of us feel royal and regal but the moment it comes to buying something, inevitably we end up not spending because who needs those additional features all the time. Kitchen faucets often tend to be treated the worst. After all, these faucets are designed to last generations so one really only changes them just out of personal choice and not out of necessity.

As it turned out, this year’s end-of-year gifts were the most popular among all members. In fact, people actually wrote back thanking us for such a thoughtful and ingenious concept. One in particular stood out. She had always dreamt of overhauling the kitchen, changing the basin, the tabletop and the fittings but it she could not settle for mediocre purchases. Thanks to the faucet set we gifted her, she could spend her savings on Italian slabs for the tabletop, order in a brand new burner/oven set that she had always wanted. In her own words, we gave her the chance to end 2015 on a high personal note. Next year we plan on something similarly whacky. Maybe not faucets once more but definitely something just as surprising and yet highly desired.

And as always, we tempted to record the entire thing. Here is our time lapse video! Let us know what you think in the comments.

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