Sturgis Approved Smoothies!

In the hot summer a smoothie is a sweet to the sore eyes. I love smoothies, so I decided to buy a blender for me. When smoothies are made, all uses a small blender like hand blender or stick. But when it comes to adding ice then an ice crushing capability blender should be used, which will have enough power to do the job effectively. Few things should be kept in mind while buying a blender.

Watts of power: I have bought myself a blender which has horsepower over 500 watts. This is the most important criteria for a blender. Mine blends the toughest food and produce the smoothly and quickly. It can crush frozen fruits, vegetables, frozen drinks and liquefy ice. With a high power the blender blades can quickly slice up food.

Price: I have a branded blender and looking a few blender reviews and have chosen to invest few dollars more on a powerful machine. With this few dollar investments I don’t often have to worry about taking it to a repair shop. I have a high-end blender with a cost price of 400 dollar.

Jar/Pitcher: The jar and pitcher that are given with the blender plays important role while blending. I have a huge family and it is not possible for me to make smoothies in a small jar, so I have bought a large jar. The jars that I have are made of plastic not glass as they are not easily broken if dropped suddenly. I also have BPA free polycarbonate pitcher that is shatter-proof. These are not easily stretchable.

Stylist design: I have a blender which perfectly matches with the texture of the kitchen. I also have a specified location where it is keep and put to work. I have first taken the size of the area and then went out to look for a blender.

Easy operational: I have bought a blender which is very easy to use. My blender has a pulse button which performs certain tasks very easily, like crushing the ice quickly.

Easy to clean: The blender which I have is easily cleanable. I make sure to clean the blender after every use as I want it to be clean and stay clean. Sometimes spills goes between the buttons in a push blender which can cause trouble. It has remove-able blades which can be clean very easily.

Stability: The stability is a very important factor to consider. The blender should have a strong base and tight lid. If the base is not heavy enough then it can sometimes walk along the counter while scratching the counter surface also.

Warranty: A blender should only be bought if it has a reliable warranty. The blenders have problems of breakdowns if used very roughly.

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